Signature Hydrosol Mist


Signature Hydrosol Mist contains Rose and Neroli oils to calm and balance, aiding in night-time migraine and insomnia relief

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The Shino Bay Signature Hydrosol Mist combines Rose and Neroli to heal, calm, and balance. Rose essential oil aids in migraine relief while Neroli works to relieve insomnia. This hydrosol is best to be kept on your nightstand to help you wind down at bedtime.


Rose Oil
Neroli Oil

How to use

Shino Bay Hydrosol Mists are perfect for DIY aromatherapy methods. The unique blends provide benefits from energy to relaxation, and even help improve the quality of your skin. The Hydrosol Mists are formulated with pure, organic essential oils and can be used every day around your home to dispense powerful aromas.


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