Rachel Richter CAC, LME, LPMA
Rachel Richter CAC, LME, LPMAShino Bay Associate

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Rachel Richter CAC, LME, LPMA

Rachel Richter is one of the first licensed permanent makeup artists in the State of Florida, a licensed electrologist and laser hair removal specialist, a Certified Aesthetic Consultant, and a licensed aesthetician. She has worked in the field of cosmetic dermatology for the past nine years, and possesses a true passion for patient education and satisfaction. Her goal is for each patient to reach his/her optimum aesthetic potential with the most natural and subtle result possible.

Rachel is keenly aware the each person has specific needs and desires, and that each face has distinct features. She knows that every person possesses varying degrees of asymmetry, and enjoys the challenge of creating illusion to restore balance when necessary. She approaches her patients with individualized attention, care and patience. She works in a professional environment, uses sterile, disposable equipment, a state-of-the-art digital machine, and pigments developed by permanent makeup artists, specifically designed for safe, rich application. She is a perfectionist with a love for detail and color theory.

Her goal, as is the goal of all of the providers here at Shino Bay, is to achieve a younger, enhanced, refreshed, and natural appearance without the obvious signs that a specific procedure has actually been performed.

Permanent makeup with before and after photos

Laser hair removal is a multi-session treatment which is performed every four to eight weeks until your desired outcome is achieved. The Cynosure Elite Multiplex is a phenomenal device with both an Alexandrite LASER and an NDYAG LASER inside, providing optimal custumizable settings, spot sizes, and speed. Rachel effectively reduces unwanted hair on any skin type, no matter how dark, with little or no discomfort, and in less treatments than required in the past! She customizes the treatment for each individual according to the area of the body, the patient’s skin type, hair color and density. Patients will even find that there is significant improvement in the quality of their skin once the unwanted hair is removed.

Rachel’s laser hair removal patients include men and women who suffered from unwanted hair, ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) from repetitive tweezing and waxing, cysts, and daily razor burn. She also treats most areas of the body, including the eyebrow area, beards, and even the ears! She is detail-oriented and driven to continue to deliver safe, effective results to her patients with each and every session.

Multiple sessions are required because laser hair removal targets hair follicles at a specific stage of their growth cycle. At any one time, individual hair follicles will be at different stages of the growth cycle. Over time, we can target hair as it reaches the most responsive point for optimal hair removal.

Cosmetic consultations are complementary and you will receive Rachel’s full attention with ample time to get all of your questions answered in order to make a confident decision regarding your cosmetic concerns. Call today!

Professional Affiliations include:

  • The Aesthetic Practice Association
  • Electrology Association of Florida
  • The Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal

Training, educational seminars and course studies include:

  • Electrology Program
  • Laser and Light Based Hair Removal or Reduction Course
  • Skin Care Training/Aesthetician Program
  • American Academy of Micropigmentation Advanced Courses
  • Nouveau Contour Permanent Cosmetics Academy Advanced Program
  • Certified Aesthetic Consultant Program

Qualifications include:

  • Certified Aesthetic Consultant
  • Licensed Electrologist/Laser Hair Removal Specialist
  • Certified Medical Electrologist
  • Certified Permanent Makeup Artist
  • One of the first licensed permanent makeup artists in the State of Florida
  • Licensed Aesthetician
  • 6 years of Cosmetic Dermatology experience

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