Vanquish (BTL Vanquish ME)

BTL Vanquish RF is FDA cleared for circumferential reduction of the abdomen and thighs


BTL Vanquish ME™ device creates a high-frequency energy field that precisely targets the thermal effects into the fat layer while protecting surrounding skin tissue. In this way, it destroys unwanted fat cells over the course of four to six treatment sessions FDA cleared for non-surgical circumferential reduction of the abdomen, The newly designed applicator delivers more concentrated power to the tissue preventing sensitive hotspots. The technical advances produce a more effective and consistent procedure with optimal cosmetic results for patients. In our clinical experience, BTL Vanquish ME™ is an excellent non-surgical option for patients with stubborn fat pockets that accumulate around the midsection — what patients refer to as a muffin top, bulging waistline or love handles. One of the key benefits of the device is its large spot size, allowing us to produce improvements over entire body areas in one treatment session.
Unlike tummy tucks, there is no surgery, anesthesia or recovery. Plus BTL Vanquish ME™ allows the doctor to precisely shape the body area as it gradually reduces the fat layer. The BTL Vanquish ME™ device hovers over the treatment area in a panel array of energy that does not come into direct contact with the skin. Industry’s largest spotsize treats high volumes of fat at the same time. Fat layer reduction from flank to flank, overall the whole abdomen, leads to significantly higher circumferential reduction.
BTL Vanquish ME™ is great fit for patients who are looking for a convenient option and/or have busy schedules. Patients come in our office for a 45-minute session and typically require four to six treatments about a week apart. A visible improvement is noticeable in only four to six weeks. In some cases, results are experienced after a single treatment.
There are a number of benefits of the BTL Vanquish ME™. Most notable is the fact that treatment is virtually pain-free and easy, with many patients reporting that the experience was relaxing and felt like a hot stone massage technique. It’s affordable and results are consistent and long-lasting.

BTL Vanquish ME

Before and After photos


  • Provides permanent fat reduction
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive
  • Little to no pain or downtime
  • Effective treatment for permanent removal of stubborn circumferencial fat