Laser Stretch Marks – Triple Treatment Laser Package

We can revise and improve most stretch marks old and new, and also prevent many types of new ones from forming. We offer a combination package that will mix treatment protocols and combine several wavelengths. When necessary, we will utilize our full suite of “Gold Standard” technologies, such as combining two or more of the following: Affirm Dual Fractional Laser, CO² Fractional, and Cynergy Multiplex Dual vascular lasers. If stretch marks can be treated and improved, we have the best technologies and skills to do it here while getting you the best value on multiple, high-end treatments.

Tricking the skin to believe it is wounded when it is not and elicit a “healing response” the new super fast, 1000 pinpoints of laser light in each large spot is the newest, lightening fast, unique “Multiplex” (patented) technology laser to allow for no prep time, no pain and no downtime laser resurfacing “that will tighten, rejuvenate and enhance your looks by erasing, revising and diminishing (up to 100%) wrinkles, scars, stretchmarks, pockmarks, acne scars, sun damage, melasma and a variety of skin problems. Scars and problem skin can now be replaced by normal colored and textured skin in a small series of treatments . Stretch mark and scar tissue can often be greatly reduced and often up to 100% replaced with brand new normal colored and textured skin! This unique, one of a kind laser can very safely be used around the eyes to erase crows feet and uneven surface texture and pigments.

Before and after photos of all scar treatments

Laser Stretch Marks Revision

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