Laser Assisted with Multi-Laser Scar Prevention™
Shino Bay™ specializes in advanced laser assisted scar prevention

We offer a full suite of the most effective scar-revising and erasing lasers including our Affirm MPX, SmartSKIN CO², Cynergy MPX and more…

Affirm Laser for Scars

Our premier lasers may also prevent many types of new scars from forming and often remove the itching and burning sensation while healing. We can break down most old scar tissue and replace with new skin with a series of custom developed treatment protocols.

To reduce the appearance of scars caused by injury or previous surgery. We can also use lasers to prevent scars from forming.

Acne scars or Acne treament?
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Before and after photos of all scar treatments

Laser Scar Prevention and Scar Reduction

  • We are scar prevention and scar removal experts
  • Multiple technology protocols