Port Wine Stains

Port Wine Stains are vascular birthmarks that can be found anywhere on the body. They are from dark purple to a light pink color and can present aesthetic challenges to people of all ages. The lesion is flat initially, but adults in the third decade of life may experience the development of modularity. Response of treatment varies with color, maturity, depth and nodularity of the lesion.

Most Effective Treatment for Port Wine Stains

Research has shown that although many treatments have been tried, such as radiation, freezing, invasive surgery and even tattooing, the most effective treatment for Port Wine Stains is laser treatment. We offer the most advanced laser treatments available, incorporating MultiPlex™ technology. Our Cynergy Vascular Workstation treats all types of vascular and red pigmented lesions including Port Wine Stains more effectively than conventional, single-laser wavelength technology. This premier technology is now considered by many of the world’s leading experts the definitive new “Gold Standard” system for all red vascular treatments including red birthmarks and port wine stains. It features two distinct, vascular lasers double-pulsing in the same session. This double firing laser can improve vascular conditions faster, safer and more effectively in fewer treatments than older technologies.

Conditions such as port wine stains, rosacea, veins, angiomas, hemangiomas, and scars can be treated more effectively than ever before, often improving old, existing conditions that previous technologies could not. We have multiple new technologies including lasers, IPL’s, LED’s and Cynergy MPX laser which are highly effective in reducing and most often eliminating the redness and swelling caused by rosacea.


Before and after photos

Options for treating Port Wine Stains

  • Laser is best option for Port Wine Stains
  • We recommend our Cynergy Vascular Workstation
  • Faster and more effective than older technology
  • Can often improve appearance where older technology could not