Pelleve Radio Frequency Treatment

Pelleve LogoThis new procedure can be used to treat:

  • Crows feet
  • Under-eye wrinkles
  • Facial wrinkles
  • Neck skin tightening
  • Marionette lines

Pelleve may be the long-awaited solution! In one short, very comfortable treatment, you can experience a marked improvement in the appearance of fine lines, skin tightening and wrinkles for up to six months! We are seeing wonderful results in as few as 1-4 treatments for great skin tightening around the eyes and a great non surgical eye lift!  Neck skin tightening is also being achieved and our patients are very pleased with their results!

What is the Pelleve System?

The technology that is incorporated into the Pelleve system sets it apart from other wrinkle-reducing treatments. When you are treated with Pelleve, a more focused Radio Frequency energy is delivered to areas of the skin where elasticity is lacking and lines have begun to develop. This energy heats the skin, causing it to begin producing collagen. Collagen is a key component in healthy, toned-looking skin.

Pelleve uses radio frequency technology to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. It delivers heat to deep layers of the skin where fat resides. This “controlled damage” spurs the contraction of these deep tissues for an overall smoothing effect.

The heat energy also stimulates the production of new collagen over time, resulting in firmer, tighter, smoother skin. The practitioner adjusts the strength of the delivered energy based on feedback from the patient throughout the session.

Before and after photos

Is Pelleve Treatment Painful?

No, the Pelleve system requires no anesthesia and treatment can be conducted in as little as 15 minutes per area. Your doctor will, however, apply a thin layer of gel to your face prior to treatment. Most patients experience only a warming sensation on the skin when the Pelleve handpiece is applied.

When Will I Begin to See the Benefits of Pelleve Treatment?

As a key benefit to the Pelleve treatment, patients often experience immediate results and a reduction in the visibility of wrinkles at the treatment sites. Over the course of the next six months, you will continue to see smoother, more beautiful skin.

How many Pelleve Treatments Will I Need?

While many patients see results after just one session of Pelleve, we may recommend multiple treatments to help you achieve your optimal aesthetic goals. The total number of treatments can vary between patients and is based on your individual skin needs. It takes up to two months for the full effects of Pelleve to be seen.

Are There Any Side Effects With Pelleve?

Pelleve is a radio frequency (RF) treatment similar to Thermage. Side effects are not as pronounced as they are with Thermage and the treatment less expensive than Thermage so better value. The skin is typically slightly red and swollen afterward. effects to treatment are minimal and may include slight swelling or redness which should dissipate within a few hours, but may last up to a day.

Why Pelleve?

  • Lasts up to 6 months
  • Comfortable
  • One to four treatments