Laser Hair Removal

Elite Multiplex Dual Laser fires in “Multiplex”, the two essential “Gold Standard” hair laser wavelengths in each pulse to maximize your permanent hair reduction treatments whatever your skin and hair type.

Lighter Skin Types

The Alexandrite 755nm laser is the “Gold Standard” laser for laser hair removal that will maximise your results on all lighter skin types! Customizing laser treatments by hair & skin type is critical to achieve optimal safety & results! Optimizing your treatment comfort and speed is also important. We have all the best cooling systems to maximize your comfort and best laser wavelengths and technologies to clear out the highest percentages of hair in the fastest, most comfortable manner and fewest amount of laser hair removal treatments needed!

Before and after photos

Advantages of Elite Multiplex for Laser Hair Removal

  • Optimal results on all skin types
  • Optimal results on all hair types
  • Fast, safe and comfortable
  • Provides safer, more effective treatments than single-wavelength systems