Non-Ablative Laser Full Facelift

“Non-Ablative” means that no tissue is actually vaporized. It is simply stimulated by a laser and or light-source, therefore generally there is no downtime with this facelift

Our “Four Minute Lunchtime” Facelift

The four minute lunchtime laser facelift is a series of one to six painless, fast, effective, non-invasive laser facials utilizing multiple laser and light technologies to dramatically repair, fine lines, wrinkles, pore size and pigmentation. Some require a series of treatments and others may require just one depending on your particular concern and which protocol is best for you.

There are many levels and results of facial and skin rejuvenations and although many will use these terms synonymously, they can be very different treatments. They target and treat different issues such as skin discoloration, large pores, uneven tones, unwanted red and brown pigment, skin laxity or overall complexion or sun damage. We offer a full suite of leading edge laser and sources that we use to customize the best treatment for your individual needs.

Before and after photos

In any of our non-ablative light laser or light procedures, a specific type of laser system or Intense Pulsed Light System will gently target the upper, middle and lower levels of skin. This stimulates collagen, generating collagen production deep in the dermis, induces tightening, evens out your tone, reduces wrinkles, lines, unwanted pigments and pores. These results occur in varying degrees and efficacy for different concerns being addressed.

Patients with sun damage and redness as their concern may prefer our premier Cynergy Multiplex Dual Vascular laser for double laser facelift and skin rejuvenations, offering superlative results from a double laser treatment in one session.

If you are looking for a more aggressive approach for optimal results,  the newest advances in micro-ablative laser technology have revolutionized “Gold Standard” CO² laser skin resurfacing and can now safely and precisely remove outer layers of damaged skin to reveal the underlying softer, smoother skin. This can often reveal skin which is often dramatically younger looking. It also stimulates the regeneration of healthy skin underneath (called “LaserSkinRenewal”), for a youthful and beautiful appearance. More information on micro-ablative CO2 laser resurfacing

We offer many different premier technologies to address your needs including

  • LaserFacial™ – Apogee Elite™ laser
  • Facial Treatment – Cynergy PL™ laser
  • LaserFacial – V-Star™ Pulse Dye laser
  • TriActive LaserDermology – Face

We offer full ablative laser & deep fractional technologies when needed

  • Erbium full ablative laser
  • CO² full ablative laser
  • New Multipulse deep CO² fractional laser

In order to address your particular needs optimally with the proper system we need to see you in person. So schedule a free cosmetic consultation where you can discuss numerous laser facelift options that we offer in our world class institute.

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