Micro-Ablative Laser Facelift & Necklift – SmartSKIN CO²

The newest advances in laser technology have revolutionized CO² laser skin resurfacing and can now safely and precisely remove outer layers of damaged skin to reveal the underlying skin which is softer, smoother and often dramatically, younger looking. It can also stimulate the regeneration of healthy skin underneath (LaserSkinRenewal), for a youthful and beautiful appearance.

This superlative skin resurfacing/skin rejuvenation procedure can reverse decades of sun damage, wrinkles, scars and many other skin imperfections in just minutes. When compared to other forms of laser treatment, the CO² micro ablative is the new Gold Standard for rapid and optimal enhancement in as little as one treatment!

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The New Gold Standard – SmartSKIN CO²

CO2 Micro-ablative laser skin resurfacing on face showing 2-9 days after actual treatment

CO2 Micro-ablative laser skin resurfacing on face showing 2-9 days after actual treatment

By fractioning the laser beam into thousands of microscopic beams, a specific portion of the skin is left untreated. This is more conducive to healing. This fractional method enables cells to begin healing immediately and creates it’s own “dry bandage” almost immediately. The downtime can be adjusted to fit your busy schedule for three to seven days versus two months or more with the original CO² laser. In five to seven days your skin is gorgeous and the tightening and collagen regeneration continues improving for three to six months. “The new non-surgical Laser Facelift or Eye Lift can make you look many years younger”, noted Dr. Aguilera.

See also FRAX-SCULPT, our proprietary procedure that combines the amazing rejuvenating and restorative outcomes of SmartSkin CO2, with Sculptra to restore volume lost as the face ages. Although facial aging occurs similarly in everyone, bringing old photos of yourself helps us further refine the artistry of your transformation.

In order to address your particular needs optimally with the proper system we need to see you in person. Schedule a free cosmetic consultation where one of our doctors can discuss numerous options that we offer in our world class institute.

The SmartSKIN CO² Advantage

  • Regenerate skin
  • Erase sun damage
  • Smooth wrinkles and fine lines
  • Erase scars
  • Only 3-7 days downtime
  • Superior results