Infrared Skin Tightening

Laser and Infrared Skin tightening can be achieved in many different ways with many different lasers. Infrared Skin Tightening utilizing Infrared Light Sources and various types of Radio Frequency and Ultrasound technologies vary in how aggressive they are and will vary in efficacy and depth of penetration, addressing different concerns. We offer over four of the newest leading edge laser systems including very high tech Fractional Laser Skin Tightening systems to achieve skin tightening, including CO² Fractional, Micro-ablative, Affirm Dual Fractional, Non-Ablative,  (two fractional lasers that treat simultaneously), Infrared, and many more.

To see if Infrared Skin Tightening addresses your particular needs optimally, we need to see you in person. Schedule a free cosmetic consultation where Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera can discuss numerous options that we offer in our world class institute.

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Other Choices in Skin Tightening