NeoLTS High Intensity, Dual, Light Therapy for Follicle Stimulation

Designed to stimulate dormant hair follicles, and new grafts, while reducing shedding and promoting faster healing.

Neograft Red Green Light Therapy

The hair growing high intensity green light with simultaneous healing, soothing red light therapy for post neograft patients and non neograft patients who wish to have more growth, thicker fuller hair and less shedding. Two-in-one high intensity red and green light therapy treatment that treats in a 19 minute session.


The balding scalp is hypoxic. (It suffers from oxygen deficiency and an over abundance of Hydrogen Peroxide) In male pattern baldness there is also increased DHT . The oxygen starvation causes energy reduction in the cells to shut down. Energy in the form of ATP is needed for mitosis and follicle repair.


Stimulates the mitochondria to recharge ATP production. It also is an anti-inflammatory so it will start the process of releasing nitric oxide which will lead to breaking apart the Hydrogen Peroxide into water and oxygen


energizes the area with increased vascularity. ATP releases from vascular beds which causing re-oxygenation of the follicles


For marked improvement in hair density, faster healing (up to 50% faster), reduction or elimination of itching and redness, and will experience less shedding.