Brown Spots, Pigment and Sun Damage


brown spots

Brown spots will be expertly evaluated and pre-screened for skin cancer and pre-skin cancerous cells. After determining that there are no underlying problems, these spots can be removed and the appearance of your skin radically improved. We offer a variety of high end lasers such as Elite MPX Alexandrite (Gold Standard laser for targeting brown spots and unwanted pigment) that can quickly and painlessly eliminate all types of benign, sun damage, brown and red spots and unwanted pigment.

The team of dermatologists at Shino Bay recommend always taking the necessary precautions to avoid leaving skin exposed to the sun’s rays. Sun damage, as the brown spots are often called, are the result of our body’s natural defense against the sun. Our skin releases melanin when exposed to the sun which causes the skin to darken. While in the short term a nice bronze color may look great, over time sun exposure can actually speed up the aging process. It can also lead to the development of pre-cancerous and cancerous skin lesions. Pre-cancerous lesions, known as Actinic Keratosis, occur when a skin spot undergoes a noticeable change in appearance following significant UV exposure. A pre-cancerous lesion may become cancerous if untreated, but it is difficult to tell for sure.

The experts at Shino Bay provide pre-screening for skin cancer and potentially cancerous cells first and foremost to ensure laser therapy is the correct avenue of treatment for a benign brown spot. Laser therapy can drastically improve your skin’s appearance, so contact the experts at Shino Bay today for a consultation.


Before and after photos, spots & pigmentation

Treatment for Brown Spots

  • Pre-screened for skin cancer
  • Fast and effective