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CO2 Micro-Ablative 2-9 days after treatment on face

CO2 Micro-Ablative Fractional Laser Treatment - before and after on face of male patient

CO2 Micro-Ablative Fractional Laser Treatment – before and after on face of male patient

This patient helped us by documenting the healing and rejuvenation process after CO2 micro-ablative treatment on the face at Shino Bay. While the downtime is longer than with non-ablative lasers, the results are superior. A decade of aging and/or sun-damaged skin can be erased in minutes. The micro-ablative fractional laser uncovers and stimulates the growth of underlying skin to produce far younger looking, glowing and revitalized skin. The downtime can be adjusted based on how aggressive the treatment is, but more aggressive treatments produce the best results.

Testimonial from this patient:

“Thanks to Dr. Soro and the great staff at Shino Bay for making me look younger again. I opted for an aggressive CO2 treatment on my face, and despite a longer downtime, the results were amazing. My parents and girlfriend were quite stunned by the difference and my skin feels soft and smooth-nothing like the rough and leathery texture it used to have.

I am also getting fillers at Shino Bay, and while my skin looks at least 10 years younger, I anticipate that the fillers should rebuild the volume on my face and my entire face should appear very much younger. I am going to allow Shino Bay to post those images as well.  I forget to mention… several of my more observant friends noticed something was different, but could not pinpoint what it was. One insisted I had a different hairstyle, another thought I had changed my eye-color using contacts, and more comments. I just chuckled quietly and did not say a word.

Please feel free to post the images I have attached on your website if you like.

Thanks again and see you soon!”