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Shino Bay Aguilera


Once per month on a Saturday, we offer a thorough, hands on training for qualified professionals.

During this training you will receive:

  • A 5 hour day of hands on training for up to 6 qualified injectors and up to 10 observers

  • Please note that as an injector you will need to bring your own patient and be licensed to inject in the state of Florida

  • Multi product training on his techniques for on and off label procedures

  • Sample consent forms of all of the procedures observed

  • Mixing instructions for all of the procedures observed

  • Articles about his techniques with Radiesse and Sculptra

  • A USB drive with all of the above as well as video explanations of his techniques

  • A signed copy of his book, “Be Youthful”

  • Lunch will be provided

To sign up, or inquire about pricing, please email