Jeanna Courtney MA, LFS
Jeanna Courtney MA, LFSSenior Medical Aesthetician
I’ve struggled with deep and chronic melasma since the birth of my second child three years ago. I have tried everything- creams, medical grade treatments, and copious sunscreen. Three years later, I was about to give up. Shino Bay was my last attempt before throwing in the towel and starting to buy heavier makeup. The results after Jeanna gave me my melange peel were nothing short of extraordinary. I didn’t expect much from the first peel- I thought it would take a long series to see any difference. But just one peel later I can’t stop looking in the mirror, astonished to see my skin so clear. Shino Bay was my last stop but it should have been my first; I would have saved thousands of dollars!

Jeanna Courtney MA, LFS

Senior Medical Aesthetician

Aesthetic Procedure Specialist
Licensed Skincare Specialist

Jeanna Courtney gained her expert medical aesthetic experience from working for almost a decade as a licensed Aesthetician with renowned Cosmetic Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons. She has extensive experience and in seven specialties and is certified in many of the advanced aesthetic treatments, therapies and technologies that we employ at Shino Bay. As a well-credentialed Senior Medical Aesthetician, Jeanna is an ideal choice for administering many of our high-end, medical-grade aesthetician treatments and therapies. Her advanced training and certifications have given her a keen eye for the aesthetic and a mastery that delivers optimal results.
When it comes to skincare, Jeanna is an expert on all the functions of the skin and has a wealth of knowledge to share with patients with skincare questions or concerns. She has a superior knowledge of our numerous lines of cosmetically elegant, medical grade products, and leading edge, aesthetic procedures, treatments and therapies.
Jeanna’s Advanced Chemical Peel certification and training by top specialty, cosmetic physicians, allows her to administer a wide range of the most effective peels available. Chemical peels are excellent for the treatment of sun-damage and unwanted spots along with fine lines, prominent pores and other textural imperfections. Jeanna will help you select the best chemical peel to help address your concerns.
Luxe Facials are another of Jeanna’s specialties. Her medical experience with all skin types allows her to effectively customize facials for each patient, paying particular attention to areas including acne/pore congestion, dehydrated, sun-damaged, sensitive and aging skin.

  • State of Florida, Aesthetician License
  • Licensed Facial Specialist
  • Advanced Chemical Peel Certification
  • Certified Radiofrequency Specialist
  • Certified Cryolipolysis Specialist (Coolsculpting)
  • Advanced Body Contouring experience
  • Advanced Skincare Aesthetics Certification
  • Advanced Camouflage Make-up Artist
  • 4 years of Cosmetic Dermatology experience
  • 3 years of Plastic Surgery Aesthetics experience
  • CPR & AED Certified – American Heart Association 

Contact Jeanna anytime for a complementary expert skincare evaluation to learn how you can put your best face forward with beautiful, youthful, healthy, glowing skin!

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