Contour TRL

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Contour TRL

mild wrinkles | deep wrinkles | acne scars | post-traumatic scars | surgical scars | actinic keratosis | pigmented lesions | solar elastosis | skin laxity | skin tone | skin texture

How does Contour TRL work?

The Contour Tunable Resurfacing Laser (TRL) is a customizable laser technology that allows us to tune settings to address from superficial fine lines to deep wrinkles and scarring. Treatment can be tailored from superficial to medium “peels” all the way to full field ablative resurfacing. The ability to control treatments with and without coagulation allows the Contour TRL to be utilized as a mild (microdermabrasion) or aggressive (CO2) procedure.

Length of treatment

This depends entirely on settings, whether it be a mild to a deep treatment, and the size of the treatment area.


Downtime and number of treatments depends on the depth of treatment. Redness, swelling, peeling, dryness, and heat are common side effects during the healing process.


Results are proportional to the depth of treatment that you choose to have and your desired results.


We offer a full suite of the best aesthetic enhancement technology available today. Our state-of-the-art facility has the latest equipment and innovation.

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Shino Bay reviews & Testimonials

For my Botox and microneedling, this is where I go. I'd never venture from these trained experts. Permanent make-up is next!

Dylan C.

This office always has me leaving with a smile. I love when I go for my hyrdafacials and oxygen facials! GREAT team and VIP service, as well as very well skilled doctors and staff. Valet right across the street, too!

Marissa H.

I've been treated by three staff members for various cosmetic procedures, including PDO threads and body contouring! I'd be hard-pressed to share with you my favorite. All very experienced & competent, all very friendly.

Travis P.

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