Shino Bay now offers you our latest, Proprietary,  signature series treatment for treating Cellulite


A new, non-surgical, fast and effective treatment to improve the appearance of Cellulite from top volume injector of Sculptra aesthetic in the entire USA. Our brand-new, proprietary, procedure to non-surgically, fill in and plump up cellulite dimples and divots. Results are long lasting!

With Celluli-Sculpt, a customized, correct dilution and amount of Sculptra Aesthetic is masterfully injected into each cellulite dimple, divot and area of concern to stimulate your body to produce its own collagen. This fills in the concave areas of skin for a long-lasting, smoother, flatter you. Our completely pain-free Venus Legacy therapy, may be used as an adjunct procedure to further improve your overall body contouring non-surgically, by tightening loose skin, flattenning, smoothing and maintaining your results optimally.

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