4 Reasons Why Proper Skincare Is Important

Like many things in life, we often take our skin for granted. Yet, it is impossible to overstate the importance of properly caring for your skin — it is what you are in for the entirety of your life! Still not convinced? Here are some compelling reasons for proper skin care you may not have considered.

any people are unaware of the importance of proper skincare. For example, did you know that your skin is sensitive to both internal and external factors? This means that if you have a poor diet or are stressed out, these things will show up on your skin – in addition to other environmental factors like pollution. But even if you take care of what’s going into your body, it can still affect your skin because there are substances found in cosmetics and toiletries that can cause irritation or allergies. To help you protect yourself from all these problems, these four reasons below will teach you why proper skincare is important.

Four Seasons For Proper Skincare

In our society, it is easy for people to get caught up in their busy lives and forget about taking care of themselves properly. Skincare routines are essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and can help you look more youthful.

1. Skin Is the Largest Organ In the Human Body and It Protects Us From Outside Elements

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it protects you from outside elements. It also serves as a barrier for things like bacteria to enter your body. When you don’t take care of this vital part of yourself, your immune system can be compromised – meaning that any foreign particles will have access to breaking down tissues or cells in order to create more energy.

If you are not taking proper care of yourself by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly, then chances are all these toxins are being stored in your skin because there’s nowhere else for them to go! This means that everything inside gets trapped within the layers until they release themselves at night when we sleep – resulting in breakouts or other problems including premature aging.

2. Healthy Skin Can Improve Your Confidence, Appearance, and Mood

When you are feeling stressed, your skin can show it. This is because stress affects the body in different ways – causing acne breakouts or worsening eczema conditions

Your diet also has an impact on how well your skin works and looks. Eating healthy foods like leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables will help produce healthier cells, which means better-looking skin! You don’t have to completely give up junk food if that’s what makes you happy, but just be mindful of how much sugar or fried items you’re consuming daily. Even if they seem harmless at first glance, these types of “junk” foods do not provide any nutritional value for the human body, so when taken in excess, they become problematic.

Taking care of yourself by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly can improve your confidence, appearance, and mood – which is why you should always consider skincare.

You don’t have to be embarrassed if you suffer from having acne or breakouts! There are many treatments available that will help make it disappear quickly.

Lastly, proper hydration is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle because water helps with muscle recovery after exercise, as well as flushing out toxins during the day.

3. Skincare Products are Not Just For Women – Men Need to Take Care of Their Skin Too!

Many people are unaware that skincare products for men exist! Just like women, they need to take care of their skin too.

When you sweat during workouts or the weather is hot and humid outside, it’s important to clean your face with soap and water so that bacteria doesn’t build up on your pores, which can lead to breakouts.

Not only do acne treatments work well for both sexes, but there are different types of hair removal methods available, including shaving cream, waxing kits, etc. Many people think these processes might be painful – but this isn’t true because many brands now offer painless formulas in order to make sure customers feel comfortable while paying attention to proper skincare routines.

Removing excess hair can help give you better access to your skin. There are also retinoids, Retin-A in the form of tretinoin, AHA, and BHA, that can all be used to treat the skin. Tretinoin is one of the best out there and there are many ways you can learn how to get tretinoin online as a prescription drug. One of the best methods is online, as it’s quicker and more private, allowing you to get on with your schedule without having to wait in the doctor’s office.

4. Skincare Products Help You Look Younger Than Your Age Because They Keep Wrinkles At Bay

As you get older, your skin begins to age and there are natural processes that take place, like the loss of collagen, in addition to fine lines. This can be reversed by using anti-aging products or serums.

Many people start taking care of their face when they’re already suffering from wrinkles – but this is an issue because it’s better to prevent them than wait until damage has been done! By investing early on into proper skincare routines, you will see improvements over time.

If you are looking for ways to care for your skin, there’s no better time than the present. Skincare products help us look younger by keeping wrinkles at bay and can make a world of difference in how we feel about ourselves. By following these tips on skincare (which also apply if you’re male), it will be easier to take care of our bodies while improving our appearance over time!

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Dysport vs. Botox: What’s Better for Wrinkles?

The world is becoming more fast-paced every day. It is a small wonder that we all look tired and worn out more quickly. Thankfully there are remedies to help us treat the fine lines and wrinkles that make us look that way! With so many options available today, this comparison between the two more popular procedures — Botox and Dysport — helps clarify the differences. 

If you’ve been noticing wrinkles when you look into the mirror, you may be considering botulinum toxin injections.

While Botox® has been the go-to botulinum toxin injection for years, there are other options, like Dysport®.

Sometimes used to treat spasms from neurological disorders and other medical conditions, these types of injections are typically used as facial wrinkle treatments.

“Botox and Dysport are both used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions,” says dermatologist Shilpi Khetarpal, MD.

Botulinum toxins are safe in small amounts. But the formula for Botox and Dysport is slightly different based on what kind of protein is attached to the botulinum toxin A molecule, says Dr. Khetarpal.

“Botox and Dysport have the same primary active ingredient, but a different protein allows Dysport to diffuse further or spread more,” she says.

The effects of both Botox and Dysport last for about four months, but the effects of Dysport tend to appear faster than Botox — about two days compared to Botox’s week timeline.

So, how do you decide what’s right for you? Dr. Khetarpal explains how both options work.

What is Botox?

Botox, like Dysport, is a type of neurotoxin that blocks muscle contractions, essentially relaxing the muscles under your skin. It’s a noninvasive way to treat forehead lines, crow’s feet and glabellar lines (those vertical lines between your eyebrows).

There’s no need for hospitalization with this procedure. You can receive injections in your doctor’s office and it only takes a few minutes.

Cost is a consideration when deciding if Botox is right for you. Injections for cosmetic purposes aren’t covered by your insurance. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost is $466 per session. The effects of Botox typically last four months. If you want to maintain Botox’s effects, follow-up injections will be needed.

The recommended dosage of Botox varies by treatment area. For example, if you want to treat your crow’s feet, you may need 24 units divided between six injections. Glabellar lines may need 20 units divided into five portions.

What is Dysport?

Just like Botox, Dysport can be administered at your doctor’s office, and it only takes a few minutes to receive injections. And like Botox, if you want to maintain Dysport’s effects, follow-up injections will be needed.

Dysport is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to only treat moderate or severe glabellar lines.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost is $466 per session, the same as Botox.

The recommended dosage of Dysport is up to 50 units divided into five portions injected into the targeted area.

“The rule of thumb is one Botox unit equals three Dysport units,” says Dr. Khetarpal. “So, if you get 20 Botox units, you will likely need 60 Dysport units. They’re just measured differently.”

Treatment differences

There aren’t many differences between Botox and Dysport.

You may find that Dysport is less expensive than Botox, but that varies from doctor to doctor.

Some people may feel that Dysport lasts longer, but Dr. Khetarpal says each type of treatment lasts for about four months.

The formulas for Botox and Dysport are slightly different based on the protein used in each. Dysport’s formula is known to spread a little bit more once injected into the skin. Dysport is only approved by the FDA to treat glabellar lines, too. Botox is approved by the FDA to treat glabella lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet.

Side effect

The side effects for Dysport and Botox are the same. You may experience:

  • Slight pain.
  • Swelling.
  • Redness.
  • Bruising.
  • Drooping eyelids.

“For both Dysport and Botox, we’re using a needle. Just like any injection, there is a little bit of redness and swelling and the potential for a bruise, which would just last a few days,” says Dr. Khetarpal.

Deciding what’s right for you

If you’ve tried wrinkle creams and treatments and you’re not getting the effect you desire, Botox or Dysport may be a good option for you.

Those who have neuromuscular disorders, are allergic to ingredients in Botox or Dysport ingredients, or are pregnant or nursing should avoid using these injections.

Botox and Dysport are most effective when used on dynamic lines, those that appear when you’re frowning or raising your eyebrows, for example. Once you see those lines when your face is at rest, it becomes harder to treat.

“It’s best to start early, instead of waiting until you have those deep, etched lines,” Dr. Khetarpal says. “In an optimal world, starting in your 30s or 40s is very reasonable.”

But when it comes to deciding between Botox or Dysport, turn to your doctor. They can weigh the pros and cons with you.

“Have a conversation with your doctor about what wrinkles you’re bothered by,” advises Dr. Khetarpal. “Each person is different so there isn’t one product that works for everyone.”

Also, look for a healthcare provider who’s board-certified in a core specialty. Those in specialties like dermatology, facial plastics and ocuoloplastics have had extensive training in facial anatomy and cosmetic injectables. Don’t be afraid to ask for before-and-after photos of other people to see if you’d be happy with the results, too.

Overall, Dysport and Botox can be effective treatments. And just because you try Botox or Dysport once, doesn’t mean you have to use it again. It’s all about what makes you feel good about your appearance.

“It can be a very simple, straightforward treatment with minimal risk,” says Dr. Khetarpal. “It can really improve your appearance and make you look more awake and well-rested while looking natural.”

The benefits of Botox and Dysport are so numerous that several similar systems are available also; they include Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra, Radiesse, Voluma, etc. The board-certified experts at Shino Bay can help determine which procedure would be your best option.

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