The New Book by Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera



“Be Youthful”, the new book by Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera is now available in English and Spanish versions. You can visit the official book website which has sample excerpts from the book, or if you are ready to buy right now, just click the Amazon.com link. The book is available for Kindle and in Paperback

As a cosmetic Dermatologist I had been trained for so many years to look for flaws in people’s faces that I found myself unable to see beauty. This was an epiphany that I had when I came across the picture of the beauty and the hag in a book that I had bought in an airport (image below). I have seen this drawing before in college and was able to see both the beauty and the hag, but no matter how hard I focused that day, I could only see the hag. My higher self told me that if I kept this way of practice, I will stop enjoying my work and will be in darkness. I promised myself from that day forward, that during my consultations with new patients, instead of looking for what was wrong with their perceived flaws, I would first focus on seeing what beautiful features they had on their faces. I truly believe that this change in the way I practice, has allowed me to be a better Aesthetic physician and a better soul, because NOW I only see beauty in everything and everyone. ~Namaste
Como Dermatologo de medicina Estética me habían entrenado por muchos años, a buscar defectos en las caras de los pacientes. Descubrí con el tiempo que ya no podía ver belleza. Esto fue una epifanía que tuve en un aeropuerto leyendo un libro que había comprado (imagen de abajo). El libro tenia la foto de la vieja y la joven. Ya yo la había visto en la Universidad y podía ver a ambas con facilidad. Pero en ese instante ya no pude ver a la mujer Joven. Mi conciencia superior me dijo que si seguía trabajando así no disfrutaría mas mi trabajo y estaría en la oscuridad. Me hice la promesa que desde ese día solo me enfocaría a ver los atributos bellos de las personas . Este pequeño cambio creo que me ha hecho ser un mejor medico de Estética y mejor alma, por que ahora veo belleza en todo y en todos. ~Namaste

This is the image I was referring to. Do you see a beautiful young lady or an old “hag”, or both?

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