Aesthetic Treatments

Chemical Peels

acne scarring | pigment problems | wrinkles | photoaging | sun damage | melasma | age spots | crepey skin | pigmentation

We offer a range of Chemical Peels differing in the depth of penetration from a superficial peel to a deep peel that can even address fine lines and wrinkles.

Chemical peels consist of one or more caustic agents, such as trichloroacetic acid (TCA), Jessner’s solution, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and phenol. These are used at different concentrations following different protocols to exfoliate to a consistent depth.

Discuss your goals with us at your appointment and we can recommend a solution that fits your goals and your schedule.

Available Treatments:

  • PCA Peels: This line offers an array of benefits such as clearing acne breakouts, promoting even skin tone, treating sensitive skin types, and discovering ageless skin. PCA Peels are tailored to each individuals skin because no two skin types are the same.
  • SkinCeuticals: Advanced Corrective Peel: Clinical grade self-neutralizing peel formulated with a combination of acids to deliver high level efficacy on discoloration, uneven texture, and fine lines caused by photodamage, hormones, and inflammation.
  • Pigment Balancing Solution: Exfoliating solution breaks up existing melanin clusters to improve skin’s tone and appearance.
  • MicroPeel Plus 30 Solution: Formulated with 30% salicylic acid, this peel refines pores and helps reduce the appearance of acne.
  • MicroPeel Plus 20 Solution: Formulated with 20% salicylic acid, this peel refines pores and helps reduce appearance of acne.
  • MicroPeel 20 Solution: Formulated with 20% glycolic acid, this clinical-grade peel helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, laxity, and dullness.
  • MicroPeel Sensitive Skin Solution: Gently exfoliates while hydrating the skin. This peel is suitable for all skin types.
  • Gel Peel SM: Mild gel peel for aging, acneic, and/or sensitive skin types.
  • Gel Peel GL: Mild gel peel to help reduce the appearance of fine lines in aging skin caused my environmental exposure.
  • Melange AT: A skin brightening system that is designed to improve severe pigment damage, texture, and overall appearance of skin. It entails an application of a cream masque and an at home regimen.
  • Mini-Melange: Skin brightening system safe for all skin types. Commonly used to help with pigment damage, uneven skin tone, texture, and breakouts.

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hydrating | cleansing | exfoliating | fine lines and wrinkles | skin smoothing | collagen production

Hydrabrilliant is a customized combination therapy of Clear+Brilliant and Hydrafacial. The Clear+Brilliant laser treatment shrinks pores, smooths skin and reduces wrinkles, by initiating a light exfoliation (light skin flaking) and rebuilding collagen. The skin will feel a little dry after Clear + Brilliant which is why we follow-up with Hydrafacial, which will moisturizes the skin.

Treatments can be done every two weeks to a month apart and a series of four to six treatments is typically when the best results are achieved. You will see results in your first treatment, but best results will be achieved over a longer period.



The HydraFacial skin resurfacing procedure by itself thoroughly cares for your skin, providing cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and hydration, including Vortex-Fusion® of antioxidants, peptides, pigment correctors and hyaluronic acid. The HydraFacial is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that delivers instant results with no discomfort or downtime.

HydraFacial treatment is soothing, refreshing, non-irritating and immediately effective. It is a very popular skin resurfacing treatment that can be applied as a facial, or to rejuvenate other areas requiring attention, for example, the back.


Our most popular facial due to the instant glow and no downtime. It combines a facial along with a microdermabrasion, also known as a hydradermabrasion. This facial can be customized to suit anyone, including teenagers, and just about all skin conditions. It’s safe for mild or moderate acne and rosacea patients. A HydrafacialMD treatment intensely hydrates and plumps the skin while exfoliating and removing impurities. It can be performed on the face, neck, décolletage and back.

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neograft logoNeograft

NeoGraft hair transplants are an advanced automated hair relocation technology for hair follicle grafting that simply relocates your own hair follicles.

It extracts, collects, then separates and implants grafts by FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), requiring no scalpel incision. The NeoGraft process dramatically increases follicle viability over traditional “strip” hair transplants. Large areas can be done in a single session and healing is about 80% faster than the old method where an entire strip of scalp is removed. No more long term, itching, or scar line that is tell-tale sign of a hair transplant! Your hair can also be worn short without exposing a large horizontal linear scar typical of the traditional strip cut hair transplant. We favor Neograft FUE as a far more advanced minimally invasive procedure that produces impressive results and carries a 95% patient satisfaction rating(1)

Individual hair follicles and groups of hair follicles are harvested from the donor area (rear mid-scalp area), and implanted in the area requiring increased hair coverage

The Neograft treatment takes relatively long depending on the number of implants per session. Generally, you should not make any other daytime appointment if you are having over 1,000 grafts.

There are many healing and regrowth stages and while some may be comfortable in public after 4-5 days, it may be 10 days for others. Please read results below and ask for more information at the time of your free consultation.

Once the normal hair follicle has been implanted into the balding area, the grafted hair will stay in place for about two to three weeks before shedding – this is normal and an important part of the new growth process. After shedding, the new growth will begin in 3-4 months and your hair will continue to grow normally. More importantly, your results will look healthy and natural. While the transplanted hair is considered permanent, it does not stop your normal process of hair loss. Some people will need continued maintenance and further Neograft sessions may be required, particularly if your balding pattern continues with age. An estimate of balding pattern and the number of procedures needed will be discussed during the consultation with your doctor.

How long will the implanted hair last?

Hair loss does not stop after transplantation – some people will need continued maintenance and further sessions will likely be required, particularly if your balding pattern continues with age. Progressive hair loss or the desire for more density may require more transplants. An estimate of balding pattern and the number of procedures needed will be discussed during the consultation with the doctor.

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Permanent Makeup

permanent lip liner | permanent eyeliner | microblading | permanent eyebrow makeup

Our Permanent Makeup artist, Rachel Richter is one of the first licensed permanent makeup artists in the State of Florida. She possesses a unique gift of artistry which includes an extensive knowledge of color theory and a keen eye for symmetry and precision, all of which enhance and restore her patient’s desired beauty and youth. She works in a professional environment, uses sterile, disposable equipment, a state of the art digital machine, and pigments developed by permanent makeup artists, specifically designed for safe, rich application.

Permanent Lip Liner, Eyeliner & Eyebrow Hairstroke makeup (microblading) are common procedures. Always be sure you choose a licensed permanent makeup artist.

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PRP is composed of 1/3 platelet “rich” plasma and 2/3 platelet “poor” plasma. A contributing factor to this is the high speed in which the blood is centrifuged. PRP is centrifuged at a much faster rate, causing more disruption to cells leading to a higher volume of platelet “poor” plasma.  PRP only contains about 2-5 times the body’s platelet concentrate.


PRF is spun at a slower speed, which allows the layers of the blood to not separate as distinctly. This slower speed doesn’t harshly disrupt the cells, resulting in more pure cells within the plasma. The centrifuge process allows leukocytes (white blood cells) and mesenchymal stem cells to remain within the platelet layer, creating a higher quality plasma. PRF contains about ten times the platelet concentration that is found within the body. A key component of the PRF that differs from PRP is the fibrin matrix. When PRF is placed over treated tissue, it stimulates a fibrin matrix and induces a slower release of growth factors over time. This gradual release of GF further promotes healing and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Finally, unlike PRP, PRF does not require added anticoagulation. The fibrin matrix described above is formed naturally during the process, without added heparin or sodium citrate to the test tubes, again facilitating a more pure, higher quality plasma.

Skin Pen Precision – Microneedling

hyperpigmentation | scarring | skin texture | acne scars | age spots | sun spots | fine lines | fine wrinkles | large pores | reduced skin elasticity | uneven skin tone | stretch marks

The Skin Pen Precision is a newly advanced microneedling device that creates thousands of micro-injuries, resulting in collagen stimulation and smoothing of the skin’s surface and even treating stretch marks. It’s a great way to infuse Hyaluronic Acid, growth factors, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) into the deeper layers of the skin, and it leaves the skin glowing. This treatment can be performed on all skin types.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) may optionally be used during a microneedling session to enhance the results by producing firmer, smoother skin.

Total preparation and procedure time is about two hours.

Recovery for this procedure is minimal. You can return to normal activities the next day, or even the same day for some patients.

Microneedling is a very popular treatment that is commonly used to address textural concerns such as  lines, wrinkles, large pores, acne scars and even stretch marks. We recommend a series of four treatments a month or two apart to achieve the best results. If you want to maintain the appearance of your microneedling results, annual follow-up treatments are necessary.

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thinning hair | alopecia | hair loss

Stem-Scalp is a non-surgical procedure for hair follicle stimulation which is only available at Shino Bay. It utilizes your Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP, derived from your own blood to naturally stimulate hair follicles. Your blood contains stem cells and growth factors which assist in tissue regeneration and healing, promoting new growth.

A small amount of blood is drawn from your arm and placed in a centrifuge to separate the PRP. The area to be treated is first numbed and your PRP is then topically applied with either micro-needling or via injections depending on your requirements.

The whole procedure takes under an hour to perform.

There is little to no downtime with the Stem Scalp procedure.

We may use Stem Scalp after our NeoGraft Hair Restoration procedure to stimulate hair follicles and promote growth.

Stem-Scalp promotes new hair growth and reduces hair loss. We recommend regular maintenance to maintain the effect.

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PRP skin rejuvenation

Stem-Skin℠ utilizes the power of your own stem cells activated by platelet-rich plasma (PRP)to rejuvenate aging or sun-damaged skin, on the neck, decollete or anywhere your skin requires attention. We infuse a solution derived from your own blood into your skin to rejuvenate the skin and create a more vibrant and smoother skin tone.

A small amount of blood is drawn from your arm and placed in a centrifuge to separate the PRP. The area to be treated is first numbed and your PRP is then topically applied with either micro-needling or via injections depending on your requirements.

The whole procedure takes under an hour to perform.

There is little to no downtime with the Stem Skin procedure.

We may use Stem-Skin with other procedures to enhance results.

Stem-Skin naturally rejuvenates skin. We recommend regular maintenance to maintain the effect.

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face lift | collagen production | neck lift
  • Nova Threads
  • Medithread
  • Medyglobal
  • Miracu
  • Silhouette.

A nonsurgical lifting procedure using threads and cones that go under the skin and pull the skin, holding it in a new position. The cones and threads stimulate collagen production as they dissolve over time and are eventually reabsorbed by the body. Different specialized threads can be used along the cheeks, jaw and other areas of the face (Nova threads) and even on the neck (Silhouette threads).

Not all patients are candidates for thread lifts. You should always choose an experienced board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon for this procedure. Unlike dermal fillers, thread lifts are not as easy to correct, so choosing a an experienced highly-rated doctor is important.

A Thread Lift treatment takes about 45 minutes to perform.

Downtime varies for the individual, and you may experience some bruising, but while some go back to work the same day, others require one to three days.

Depending on the type of thread lift you receive and the location and severity of the condition being corrected, your threads can maintain improvements from one to three years. Note that this doesn’t improve skin texture or volume, but instead pulls the skin tighter to smooth wrinkles, tighten sagging skin restoring your face to a more youthful, less tired appearance.

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