CO² Fractional Resurfacing
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The latest 2012, SmartSKIN CO² (formerly called Affirm CO² Fractional) If you want the most dramatic improvements in the fewest treatments possible, this may be your ideal treatment. It is safe to use anywhere on the face, body, decollete or hands and anywhere that your skin requires dramatic improvement. This the new, superior “Gold Standard” for Laser Skin resurfacing and rejuvenation but now with very little downtime and the highest safety profile. Often, your first choice for quickly erasing decades of aging skin damage and tightening the skin in about 20 minutes! This is the ideal laser for deepest wrinkles, scars and sun-damage. You can most often, avoid more drastic surgery with this superlative non-surgical Laser Face Lift, non-surgical Laser Eye Lift and optimally safe skin resurfacing for all types of scars, stretch marks, pock marks, acne scars, wrinkles, unwanted pigment and loose skin! Great results in as few as one treatment!

Our CO² Fractional, micro-ablative laser quickly scans your face, neck, hands or wherever you require maximum “Laser Skin Renewal”. This laser will tighten and regenerate new skin in the areas treated! Utilizing the long accepted Gold Standard ablative CO² technology now fractioned into a thousand micro-thermal zones to maximize your safety, comfort and results! The quickest way to remove severe sun damage, wrinkles or scars anywhere . The new SmartSKIN CO² LaserSkin Renewal Workstation, with a proprietary, computerized scanning delivery system, combines fractionated, ablative CO² skin resurfacing, bulk heating and collagen rejuvenation in a single laser. Superior Treatment, C02 fractionated, micro-ablative Laser Skin Renewal, resurfacing and tightening. This is the ideal treatment for removing all the damage and restoring your even, glowing, small pored, youthful skin and diminishing and/or erasing lines, scars and spots in the safest and fastest manner available today!

The new Affirm CO² Laser Skin Renewal workstation, with a proprietary scanning delivery system, combines ablative CO² skin resurfacing and collagen rejuvenation in a single laser. The CO² Fractional Micro-Ablative Laser Skin Renewal, resurfacing and tightening, is the ideal laser for the deepest wrinkles, scars and sun-damage.

Two Treatments in One

The skin is treated one micro-portion at a time (also called “fractional”) and repeated thousands of times.

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Each micro-column receives just enough laser energy to vaporize (ablative lasing) the aged skin while also stimulating new collagen growth of the surrounding tissue. It’s more than skin resurfacing, it’s very safe and also the most aggressive form of deep laser skin rejuvenation for the fastest results in the fewest treatments (some patients only require one treatment) .

Before and after photos

Outstanding results

Immediately after the treatment, your body naturally starts working by replacing aged tissue cells with new ones. Shortly after the procedure, you will notice your skin to be visibly smoother, healthier and younger looking. Results will continue to improve over time. Patients can resume their normal active lifestyle in as little as one day.

  • Two treatments in one
  • Entire face can be treated in as little as 15 minutes
  • Subtract 10 years!
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Treat sun damaged skin
  • Brighten dark under-eye circles
  • Smooth and treat uneven pigmentation
  • Reduce pore size
  • Improve skin irregularity